Rope Type Foundry

Exhibition / Graphic / Web / Type Design

Rope is a fictional type foundry created by Shiva Nallaperumal and Iris Sprague as part of their thesis project (2015) at the GD MFA program at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA).

Iris concentrates on designing Theo, a large super family exploring different styles in the history of type with one skeleton. Theo is a super family containing the complementary sub families Theo Humanist & Theo Grotesque (Sans), Theo Text (Serif) and Theo Italian (Display) each with a range of weights and matching italics/obliques.

Shiva explores a range of typographic problems and solutions through the design of several different type families for specific and non specific uses. Among them are a quasi artificially intelligent display face, a reverse stress sans for text, a humanist sans and slab with contradictory strokes, a caption face for extremely small sizes and a ridiculous informal sans.

Throughout the year, Rope Type Foundry created 8 typefaces, an exhibition, a physical and digital specimen, book and website. Iris and Shiva worked independently to create their typefaces, but their exhibition was a collaborative effort. Shiva took ownership of the physical aspects, such as the specimen and book. Iris was in charge of the digital relm, which included the animation and website.